Who is Burkart Studios?


Burkart Studios was founded by James Burkart in 2005 as Burkart Video Productions, and based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Burkart Studios team is


A Wedding Video?


“A wedding video? Who wants a wedding video!? They’re long and boring! Who wants to sit there for 3 hours?”

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard this, or something similar. It saddens us to hear, but we understand why some people feel this way. Unfortunately there are a LOT of 3-hour marathon wedding videos out there and too many people have seen them. Well, we’d like to say that wedding videos, or wedding films, have come a long way in the past few years.

In our opinion a great wedding film is compelling to watch from the beginning, to end. It’s more than a simple documentation of the day but also a way to capture and convey the emotions that you felt, the tender moments shared with your new spouse, funny toasts from your maid of honor, and accomplishes all of this and more in an artistic and cinematic fashion.

We realized that producing wedding films made us happy. More than that, when we deliver a wedding film and the bride and groom come back to us after watching it and go on about how much they laughed or cried while watching their film it lightens our hearts, it justifies our efforts to produce the best wedding films we can.

We launched the company in the beginning of 2006 (then called Burkart Video Productions) and since then we’ve produced well over 300 wedding films. Many have wondered, what keeps us motivated and excited about weddings, why haven’t we moved on to other types of productions? Well we thought we knew the answer until a 2-yrs previous client of ours emailed us and explained something that rocked us. She told us that shortly after her wedding her marriage became strained because her husband, who was in the military, had to go overseas for 6 months. After he came back things never got back to normal and there soon was talk of splitting up. One evening after an all-too-regular fight she caught glimpse of her wedding film among her DVD library. She put it in and sat down with disbelief. Disbelief in that she was the same person that she was seeing in her wedding film. Her husband came in to her crying on the couch and he sat and joined her in watching their wedding film. They watched it 3 more times that evening.

She went on to explain that things changed drastically after that evening. She believes that watching their wedding film together brought back a lot of feelings that had faded over the past stressful year. She ended the email thanking us for saving their marriage.


Now we know it wasn’t us who saved their marriage. The love was there, it’s just that sometimes people need to be reminded. But we are thankful that, in some small way, we were able to touch their lives and make a change. That’s why we’re wedding filmmakers.

- Burkart Studios Team



Thank you for your interest in Burkart Studios!

We’re a boutique studio specializing in wedding films that are unique to each client. It’s our mission to produce a wedding film that exults and inspires, filling you with emotion, allowing you to relive your special day to the fullest detail.